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The Season Premier of House: the episode where old skinny men kept taking off their pants

House and Cuddy sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G… 

Talk about big decisions!  That one was six seasons in the making.  Unfortunately for me, I spent the first ten minutes of the show trying to remember why he had stitches on his chest and a gash in his cheek.  Finally I went to IMDB and looked up the episode description from last seasons finale.  Then I remembered the poor chick in the rubble and how Dr. Grinchory House’s heart grew three sizes that day.  A “previously on House” would have helped right about then. 

So now Dr. Cuddy is in love with House, who has driven her bananas for years.  A few thoughts floated through my mind as I watched the episode, although I admit I was playing Uno with my 7-year-old at the time.  But it was Elmo Uno, so it wasn’t that mentally taxing.  Have you paid your mental taxes?

First of all, Cuddy has a daughter.  House had a point when he said he was a bad choice for a woman with a baby.  And where was the baby for the whole day and night anyway?  I didn’t see her call the sitter once!  Sure Cuddy deserved a day off, but don’t you think she’d call even once to check in?  The hospital called every other minute, but not a peep from the babysitter.  It reminded me of Friends when Rachel walked around all the time with a baby monitor but you never saw the kid.

Second, House was already manipulating her.  He intercepted her calls and put the entire hospital at risk with the neurosurgeon issue.  And why was the old guy taking his pants off anyway?  Why doesn’t Chase ever go nuts and strip?  Cuddy and House are both control freaks and it’s anyone’s guess who will end up in the alpha position.

Finally, with emotional and addiction issues galore, is he really a good choice for a woman with a baby?  Oh wait, we covered that one already.

You also have to wonder if finally getting House and Cuddy together after all these years of sexual tension will bring about the disease of Moonlighting-osis, a fatal condition in which a major plot point is resolved, causing the death of the patient.  It’s often very difficult to diagnose until the disease is so advance that the suffer is near death.  It is such a perplexing disease that only someone with diagnostic skills like Dr. House could save the patient… wait a second…

In a way, this predicament is not unlike real life.  You meet someone.  You hit it off.  The chemistry is undeniable. You start a relationship with the person.  But was it a good choice?  Only time will tell.

So why did the writers have Cuddy hook up with House despite all the obvious risks to the show’s life and limb?  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Only as the season unfolds will we be able to tell if it was. 

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