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Oh for the love of heat

As then saying goes “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”  Well, that’s never been more true for me until now.  Day 8 without a functioning furnace and boy am I FREEEEEEZING!  We’ve had a string of servicemen coming through like a crazy parade, each one finding something else wrong.  My favorite part was when one guy showed up to fix the exhaust fan.  As he pulled the brand new part out of the carton he discovered that it was broken.  Yes, broken… my only response was an incredulous “Are you kidding me??” 

After fixing various parts on the damn thing the final marcher in the MENSA parade pronounced that the furnace was dead.  So here I sit freezing my nunnies off thinking of the glory days; the days when we had heat.  I have one space heater and quite a decision to make.  I could use it to keep myself warm or I could use it to warm the four guinea pigs and the bunny.  On one hand I am the ranking being in the house.  I pay the mortgage and have the job.  I should be the warm one.  On the other hand, they are defenseless little fuzzy guys.  They are unable to pull a blanket up over their heads.  But then again, they already have fur coats, and they don’t even contribute to the wellbeing of the household.  That is, unless you count the endless hours of cuddly fun and unconditional love.   Plus I really hate the image of pigsicles and a bunnypop.  You can see the dilemma. 

So in the end what did I decide?  I put the space heater in the animal’s room.  I warm the room until bedtime and then I shut it off and close their door to keep the heat inside.  Meanwhile I’m under a pile of blankets.  Was it a good idea to sacrifice myself for the good of the animals?  I don’t know but…

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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