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Seven-year-olds don’t need no stinking rules

October 6, 2010 3 comments

The alarm went off this morning like the starter’s pistol.  As I dragged the comb through my hair I called out to my kids to get up and ready for school.  Emily, my seven-year-old, graciously declined the invitation.  As time slipped by, I became more and more frustrated.  Bus time was approaching and we were nowhere near ready to go.  My reminders became more and more urgent.  Finally I began to raise my voice threatening to take away dessert if she did not immediately get ready . 

 Emily looked at me and asked, “You know, punishing me doesn’t help.  Why do I have to have rules anyway?”  I told her that everyone has rules to follow that keep them safe and help them have a better life.  She informed me that she didn’t want to follow my rules. ” Everyone needs to respect one another and follow the rules of the house to reap the benefits of being part of the family,” I explained.  Emily inquired what would happen if she didn’t follow the rules.  “Then I don’t make your dinner, do your laundry, help with homework, etc,” I told her.  Emily said, “Well I don’t need any help, so no rules for me!”

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